Thursday, April 5, 2018

David Hardy's Latest Law Review Article

David Hardy's latest law review article, Lawyers, Historians and "Law Office History" can be downloaded here. It deals with professional historians' historical errors, largely relating to various arguments about the English Bill of Rights.

Dave's new article includes a link to my blog post, Root Causes of Never-Ending Second Amendment Dispute - Part 10, and notes that this series of posts has twenty four parts. Why so many parts on historical fact checking professional historians? Because, as Dave Hardy documents on other historical matters, they made a lot of mistakes and completely separated the Second Amendment from its actual American Bill of Rights developmental history. The first part of the Root Causes series can be found here.

I like to refer to the activities of the professional historians who provided the Supreme Court a complete historical disgrace in the Heller case as involved with History Office Law. One must always carefully fact check every assertion and citation from professional historians arguing for gun control regarding Second Amendment historical development.

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