Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Thank You & Blog Update

Thank You To Several Pro-Rights Bloggers

Updated October 7, 2017
Several bloggers are long overdue recognition for bringing my Second Amendment historical research to the attention of their readers during the Bill of Rights anniversary Amazon promotion, December 15 through 31, 2016.

Thank you
David Codrea - The War On Guns
David Hardy - Of Arms & The Law
Glenn Reynolds and Helen Smith - INSTAPUNDIT
A number of these bloggers' readers took advantage of the Bill of Rights Amazon promotion to obtain copies of the authoritative books on the subject of the Second Amendment's history and save money at the same time.

Blog Update
The second half of my Heller dissent analysis under the title, Justice Stevens' Train Wreck of American History, starting with Part 7 will appear in the near future (hopefully).  Also, an analysis of Michael Waldman's Second Amendment book, as well as Carl Bogus' The Hidden History of the Second Amendment are planned. The latter two have received much publicity during several prior gun control pushes from the media. Their historically defective foundations need to be examined and documented.

Note: I have an Amazon review of Waldman's book, The Second Amendment: A Biography at this link.

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